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Wallet Guard x Nyan Cat: Wallet Safety Collab

Wallet Guard has teamed up with the creator of Nyan Cat, PRguitarman, to bring attention to wallet safety and advocate for end-user security by dropping 2 exclusive Wallet Guard x Nyan Cat NFTs!

Not only will users get these NFTs at no cost (this is an open edition mint where Wallet Guard covers all gas fees), they will also learn about keeping their assets secure and improving their wallet health through the Wallet Guard Security Dashboard and Wallet Guard Academy.

Mint Details

✅ Public mint
✅ Open edition
✅ Gas fees covered by Wallet Guard
✅ 1 mint per wallet
✅ 1 month to mint (11/13/23 to 12/13/23)

If you already have an NFT from any of the Nyan Cat collections below in your wallet during the mint you will receive a special edition Wallet Guard x Nyan Cat NFT:

Nyan Balloon - 0x286E531F363768Fed5E18b468f5B76a9FFc33af5
Nyan Cat Official - 0xB32979486938AA9694BFC898f35DBED459F44424
G.I. TOADZ - 0x846716328715a312Efd0D89C43938Bb5c9F342d6
Shorty - 0x2709b1cC35D0F02Ed0B05E08EE499E474ab75B30
Nyan Aoki - 0xA4D8f0AC7af275f7e87D071Ab1BD87A524b0007f
Nyan Dogg - 0xfF6889ea7d06137edd949F8381a14F0fFC39bA80
Free Play - 0x4E7d7d2cC54095501BBDeb9a5d5f0BB63400C927

How To Mint

1️⃣ Install the Wallet Guard browser extension.
2️⃣ Connect and verify your wallet.
3️⃣ Choose "Mint NFT" in the Security Dashboard.

If you have a friend interested in getting their first NFT and learning about crypto then this is the perfect opportunity; a legendary meme artist and proven security tool come together to bring education and art to users at no cost. Now that's a WIN!

Tune into our X Space with Nyan Cat and NiftyKit on 11/13/23 at 5PM EST to celebrate this exclusive collaboration which helps onboard users safely and teach them how to protect their crypto at the same time!

Get the free open-source Wallet Guard browser extension to mint your Wallet Guard x Nyan Cat NFT and protect your wallet of choice from the latest phishing attacks, wallet drainers, bad signatures and malicious transactions.

Art by Nyan Cat
NFT on Polygon
Mint powered by NiftyKit
Campaign powered by Layer3
Collection on OpenSea

Published on
November 13, 2023

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