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Introducing the dApp Store: Get where you're going safely

A source for official links to popular dApps, tools and projects.

Get where you're going safely.

Onboarding someone new into crypto?

Make sure you let them know about Wallet Guard so they can not only protect their wallet of choice, but also get the right links to dApps! Picture this scenario; you tell your friend about crypto and about making their first wallet using Phantom, they then go home and do a Google search for Phantom wallet and end up clicking a scam link instead of the real Phantom wallet, compromising themselves before they even started.

Wallet Guard would have prevented this, housing all the official links for wallets, including Phantom, in the dApp Store.

"The FBI warns that threat actors are using search engine advertisements to promote websites distributing ransomware or stealing login credentials for financial institutions and crypto exchanges."
Source: Bleeping Computer

From bridges, creator tools, exchanges and even security software, the dApp Store makes it easy to get the right links all in one place.

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Published on
December 4, 2023

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