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Protect your crypto directly in MetaMask

The wallet industry has changed as we know it.

MetaMask Snaps rethinks how wallets add new features, taking a developer centric approach and allowing builders to innovate on important problems such as security, interoperability and more.

Snaps are new features and functionality created by third-party developers, that MetaMask users worldwide can install directly into their wallet. Instead of having multiple browser extensions, wallet providers and other software, you can now enable their features as a Snap directly in MetaMask.

Wallet Guard is proud to say that we are the #1 transaction insights MetaMask Snap that helps you protect your crypto. Detect wallet drainers, understand transactions in plain English and get risk notifications with a security dashboard to improve your wallet health all in one place.

Human-Readable Transactions

Usually when performing a transaction you will see just a gas fee and a confirmation to proceed. The Wallet Guard Snap breaks down transactions directly in MetaMask so you also see the exact assets you are sending and receiving during a transaction, as well as other risk factors including wallet drainer detection.

This improves confidence when performing transactions so you know exactly what is going in and out of your wallet in plain English.

For example, if there is a website that claims there is a free mint for an NFT and it's actually a wallet drainer, Wallet Guard will notify you so you can assess the risk factors and choose to reject the transaction before it drains your assets.

Enable human-readable transactions now! Get the Wallet Guard Snap!

Alerts & Notifications

As you browse web3 it's important to be notified of any risks which may effect your assets. Wallet Guard makes this simple by using alerts and notifications to warn you of any risk factors that may arise.

Whether it's a reminder to improve your wallet health, revoke an open approval on an asset or any other tips to manage your wallet hygiene, the Wallet Guard Snap streamlines wallet safety for you.

Get alerts and notifications directly in your MetaMask wallet now with the Wallet Guard Snap!

Security Dashboard

Run a scan in the Security Dashboard to see the health score of your wallet and recommendations to improve your wallet health.

From identifying malicious transactions, honeypots and open approvals to name a few along with the ability to revoke said approvals directly in the dashboard, the Wallet Guard Snap helps keep your wallet secure.

Let's say you purchased a few NFTs from a collection on a marketplace in the past, then you sold one of those NFTs and kept the rest; that marketplace now has an on-chain approval for the whole collection in your wallet. This gives the ability for that marketplace to perform actions on all the NFTs in that collection which you own, such as the ability to list and sell them. However, leaving these approvals opens expose you to various types of wallet drainers that leverage these approvals to steal your assets in 1 click.

This is why revoking approvals help improve your wallet health drastically. Scanning for open approvals, seeing their value at risk and revoking them to protect your assets can all be performed directly in the Security Dashboard!

Run your free security scan once you enable the Wallet Guard Snap!

Add to MetaMask

Instill confidence as your browse web3. Get the Wallet Guard Snap for MetaMask in a few clicks to add an additional layer of security to your wallet and join over 50,000 wallets already protected by Wallet Guard.

Step 1
Add the Wallet Guard Snap to your MetaMask on our website ( or the MetaMask Snaps Directory (

Step 2
Run a security scan in the dashboard. See all your open approvals, risky transactions, and other security metrics of your wallet.

Step 3
Revoke open approvals and address any risk factors. Your wallet is now safe and the Snap is now enabled!

Our Snap is fully audited by Consensys Diligence and our open-source repo is available directly on GitHub! The Wallet Guard Snap runs in a sandboxed environment within MetaMask in order to safeguard your assets during its use.

The Snap has no ability to move your assets or interact with them without your permission and explicit approval.

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Published on
December 4, 2023

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