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Lets talk about how we can secure our assets while at a conference, yes I’m looking at you anon.

5 security tips that will keep your assets safe while at a crypto conference 🔒

Why are conferences such hot targets for hackers?

Simply because there is a large density of folks who are involved in the Web3 space attending these conferences

Turn off your Bluetooth and WiFi. When connecting to a hotel, airport, or any public WiFi ALWAYS use a VPN. If this is not an option, use cellular data/hotspot.

Any information you enter while on unprotected networks can be sniffed, including seed phrases/login info.

Beware of juice hacking. Charging stations in travel hubs may contain malware that infects your mobile device if it is not patched. Keep your mobile device up-to-date and use your own charger cables.

Always update your devices before traveling.

Avoid giving out your phone number, use secure apps like Telegram. SIM swaps are still a very real threat. 2FA using SMS is NOT secure.

We recommend 2FA authentication apps like Google’s or Authy.

Be wary of Word and Excel files. We recommend NEVER clicking Enable Content unless you 100% trust the sender.

These are high risk exploits, because clicking Enable allows Macros which are one of the most exploited methods for delivering malware.

The problem is how harmless it can sound- imagine someone sends you their resume as a .docx file.

Even outside of crypto, several large botnets are spreading this year through this exploit. It’s dangerous because it gives the hacker full access to your computer.

If this is your first time coming across Wallet Guard we offer a browser extension designed to combat scams/phishing in Web3. Our extension acts as a security companion to your crypto wallet of choice.

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Published on
September 5, 2023

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