Ohm Shah
Co-Founder at Wallet Guard
Martin Peko
Co-Founder at Wallet Guard

Introducing Wallet Guard

We are excited to introduce Wallet Guard, the user-centric security browser extension that protects users’ digital assets and data from theft, scams, and fraud. We recently completed our pre-seed fundraise, which was led by Ethereal Ventures, with participation from ConsenSys and IOSG Ventures and notable angels in the Web3 space, including Ben Chan from Chainlink and Dave Pazdan from Phantom.


With attackers getting more sophisticated by the day, users constantly risk being a few clicks away from having their assets drained. Bringing security to innocent users, technical or not, has become a paramount concern for Web3. Wallet Guard differentiates itself from other companies by creating a suite of tools that help empower the end-user, featuring a multi-layered defense from phishing detection, to transaction simulation, to provide human-readable insights into every transaction. Our innovative solution proactively detects and blocks malicious activity, allowing users to navigate the world of web3 with peace of mind.

We founded Wallet Guard to pursue one mission: to make security accessible to all users so they can stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. We envision a future where tooling protects users at the exact moment that they need it most.

With Wallet Guard, you can:

- Transact securely with transaction simulation & signature insights

- Proactively detect common forms of phishing

- Stay on top of your security hygiene with our all-in-one Security Dashboard

As of March 2023, Wallet Guard has:

- Detected over 15k scams

- Over 500k transactions simulated 

- 98% of scams detected are not included on the blocklist

- $3M+ in assets saved

The proliferation of scams and phishing kits targeted at users reached all-time highs in 2022, and new threats emerge daily. Wallet Guard utilizes machine learning as the bedrock of our phishing detection engine, and will continue investing to keep our users one step ahead at all times. Our team is excited to face this challenge head-on in order to keep our users one step ahead of threats.

To further enhance our offering with educational content, we’ve added ChatWeb3, a fun new way to learn about the technical concepts behind Web3. We also intend on rolling out new features such as: approval revocation, enhanced detection rates, security hygiene reminders, B2B APIs, and much more. Our roadmap constantly evolves according to user feedback, and we look forward to engaging further with our community to understand how we can serve their needs better. 

Our team comes from a heavy engineering background with experience in security, scalable microservices, and machine learning.

Wallet Guard Team: 

Ohm Shah - Background in Cybersecurity previously at Accenture. 

Martin Peko - Background in Full-stack Engineering previously at Rocket Mortgage.

Jacob Lebowitz - Background in Full-stack Engineering & Machine Learning previously at JP Morgan.

0xultimate - Background in Solidity & Full-stack development previously worked at various Web3/NFT Projects.

Michael Khekoian - Background in Cybersecurity & previously CEO at Computuners.

Our team deeply believes Security & UI/UX are unsolved challenges in web3. With a deep understanding of the latest security threats and a focus on excellence, we work tirelessly to make Web3 more usable and secure for our users.

We are grateful for the support & confidence from our investors who share our vision to secure Web3 via user-centric tooling, and believe in our potential to transform the Web3 user journey. With their expertise and guidance, we are confident that Wallet Guard will contribute towards a safer web3 for everyone.

Download Wallet Guard for free today.

Learn more about Web3 with Wallet Guard Academy!

Socials: Twitter | Discord

Thank you for your continued support!


The Wallet Guard Team

Published on
September 5, 2023

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