Martin Peko
Co-Founder at Wallet Guard
Ohm Shah
Co-Founder at Wallet Guard


Over the last several days, 100+ fake $PEPE sites have been spun up that are wallet drainers.

We found six contracts behind all of these sites, totaling 713 ETH stolen. The largest single transaction had 494 ETH stolen from a wallet that has been holding for 6 years.

494 ETH was lost to a ClaimRewards Contract

In the transaction hash below you can see a single victim losing over 494 ETH in a single transaction. You can see the 30% cut being taken by the drainer kit creator here.


The way wallets protect users today is not enough to stay ahead of scams. Most wallets use some form of blocklisting, but this is inherently a reactive solution as scammers can (and will) simply spin up more domains.

With our new Stormwatcher feature, drainer kits get detected in real-time before you even connect your wallet. We’re moving the industry forward by enabling proactive detection and detecting patterns amongst scam websites.

Thank you for your continued support. We're proud to now be protecting 10,000+ users from both the @ethereum & @Arbitrum communities.
We will continue to study these ever-evolving threats to keep you one step ahead.
Published on
September 5, 2023

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