Imagine transforming your MetaMask wallet into a hub of unlimited features and functionality.
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MetaMask Snaps
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Expanding the operability of your MetaMask wallet.

What are MetaMask Snaps?

Imagine transforming your MetaMask wallet into a hub of unlimited features and functionality. MetaMask Snaps make it possible. These custom plugins, or "Snaps," are akin to apps for your wallet, enhancing its capabilities in various ways. Snaps can unlock compatibility with additional blockchains, offer transaction insights, seamlessly integrate popular dApps, APIs and much more.

Examples of Snaps can include:

  • Transaction insights: Enhancing users' web3 journey with clearer transaction insights, empowering them to identify potential security concerns and malicious smart contracts before finalizing a transaction.
  • Interoperability: MetaMask Snaps broadens web3 usage to encompass non-EVM blockchains such as Bitcoin, Solana, Cosmos, and EVM Layer 2 solutions like StarkNet.
  • Notifications: Keeping users informed and engaged with web3-specific notifications, like the Wallet Guard Snap, directly in MetaMask, ensuring you never miss an essential update or event.

Snaps are new features and functionality, created by third-party developers, that MetaMask users worldwide can install directly into their wallet. Previously, MetaMask features were exclusively developed by MetaMask developers employed by Consensys. By providing users with a new set of tools developed by third-party developers across the globe, MetaMask Snaps will empower individuals to shape their web3 experience according to their unique needs and preferences.

Are MetaMask Snaps secure?

The implementation of Snaps was created with security at its core. Snaps run in a sandboxed environment in order to ensure that user assets and data can not be modified without permission. This prevents from unwanted interactions and scams by allowing users to have full control of what Snaps and permissions they choose to enable.

Wallet Guard Security Snap

Wallet Guard is releasing an all-in-one security Snap for the launch of MetaMask Snaps. The Wallet Guard Snap enables transaction insights directly in MetaMask so you know exactly what is going in and out of your wallet when performing a transaction (instead of just the usual gas fee).

The Wallet Guard Snap will also provide notifications and alerts for revoking malicious approvals, along with giving you access to a user-friendly security dashboard to check the health of your wallet. See everything related to the health of your wallet in one place and get updates on the latest threats as soon as they happen with Wallet Guard’s proactive security alerts.

Wallet Guard for MetaMask will be available to grab directly in the MetaMask Snaps directory, as well as our website at

Our Snap is fully audited by Consensys Diligence and our open-source repo is available directly on GitHub! The Wallet Guard Snap runs in a sandboxed environment within MetaMask in order to safeguard your assets during its use.

The Wallet Guard Snap for MetaMask currently supports Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum transactions. Transact with confidence!

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Published on
September 12, 2023

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