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Introducing the Security Dashboard: Improve wallet health!

The new Security Dashboard introduces a wallet health check to help protect your crypto. See the health of your wallet, whether there are any open approvals putting your assets at risk, along with multiple other factors to improve your wallet health.

Access the Security Dashboard by going to on your desktop or mobile device to get a full breakdown on:

· Open Approvals
· Transaction Analysis
· Hacks & Exploits
· Wallet Version Checker
· Honeypot Checker

Open Approvals

Approvals may put your assets at risk, especially if the contract you approved in the past gets exploited. Revoking these approvals increases the health of your wallet.

A scan will reveal all the open approvals and assets at risk, along with their monetary values, all in one interface. You can then revoke approvals directly from the Security Dashboard.

Can we make it any easier?

Want to learn more about wallet approvals? Check out the Crash Course: Approvals 101 article.

Transaction Analysis

Ever interacted with a malicious address? Understanding what you have interacted with in the past can give you a better understanding of your wallet health.

See if you have any risky transactions once a scan is run.

If your wallet is ever compromised or drained be sure to bookmark our My wallet got drained! What now? article containing all the resources to mitigate the situation.

Hacks & Exploits

Smart contracts you have interacted with in the past can be exploited or may be malicious.

Determine and mitigate any potentially malicious contracts after running a scan.

We recommend learning about how to avoid potential phishing and social engineering scams through our Common Trends with Phishing in Web3 article.

Wallet Version Checker

Wallet updates contain important security patches and new features.

Unfortunately your browser does not install these updates immediately, which is why our Wallet Version Checker keeps all your wallet notifications up to date in one place.

For steps on manually updating your extensions visit our How To Update Browser Extensions article.

Honeypot Checker

Ever have a random NFT or token appear in your wallet? Be careful before you interact with it.

Run a scan to make sure they aren't tied to a honeypot which could compromise your assets!

Read more about unwanted airdrops and honeypots in our Random Airdrops & Their Risks article.

Run your free security scan!

What are you waiting for?

Visit the Wallet Guard Security Dashboard at to run your free security scan.

Improve your wallet health, mitigate risks and protect your crypto!

Published on
October 19, 2023

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