Find out how easy it is to install a MetaMask Snap!
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How do I install a MetaMask Snap?

No more extra components; streamlining deployment.

MetaMask offers a directory of verified Snaps (like an app store) to ensure a safe environment for installing a Snap. The initial launch of the directory requires that all Snaps pass compliance and full auditing procedures.

The process for installing a Snap does not require you to install an additional browser extension; instead, the Snap is added to your existing MetaMask extension. This creates a much safer environment for your crypto adding additional features as your browse web3, DeFi & NFTs.

HOWTO: Update MetaMask to 11.0.0

A prerequisite to using MetaMask Snaps is to be using 11.0.0 or greater. Please follow our extension update guide for more information.

HOWTO: Install a MetaMask Snap

Unlike traditional browser extensions, Snaps seamlessly integrate with your existing MetaMask extension, increasing not only security but convenience as well.

Install the Wallet Guard Snap using the steps below:

  • Navigate to
  • Choose "Install Snap"
  • Confirm terms and permissions
  • The Snap is now enabled
  • You can disable it directly in MetaMask > Settings > Snaps

Once enabled the Wallet Guard Snap will provide transaction insights and security alerts directly in your MetaMask!

Published on
September 12, 2023

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